Bonaire Personal Shopper

Do remember that we can get almost anything on Bonaire, but items may not be of your usual brand, as many items come from Holland.

We have an excellent selection of wines on the island. My suggestion is that I provide you with a couple of white or red wines for you to see what you like, and then we can order a case to ensure you can enjoy it for your time on the island.

For beer, our local brands are Amstel, Heineken, and Polar. Non-alcoholic beer is also available, as well as some dark beers from Belgium.

All hard liquors are available in brand names.

Soft drinks are available in a wide variety of brands and sizes, but decaffeinated drinks are hard to find.

All juices are available, but not always in brand names. There are some dazzling combinations and smoothies are also available.

For a small fee, your items will be delivered to you and your apartment stocked with all the basics.

Most apartments are usually serviced, but if not, I can have it cleaned for you.

We have a laundromat on the island, and I can pick up and drop off for you.

I can also meet and greet you at the airport, should you like assistance upon arrival.

I look forward to assisting you on your next Bonaire vacation!


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